Minimal To  showcased the SS19 collection during  Milan Fashion Week supported by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. A multimedia installation event presented a curated selection of 8 looks, which were inspired by the visual technique of Decollage. The preview to the public, press and buyers took place in the notorious Bagni Misteriosi.

The installation was a 13-meter projection on the ceiling, which reproduces a scroll of Instagram stories, is cyclically interrupted by the performance. A programming card controls a circuit consisting of a path of copper and led strips, four lampshades and 4 pedestals. The steps of the performers, in contact with the perimeter path of 30 meters, activate and modulate the light of the lampshades and the leds.

This is a path to the light, a catharsis that brings the eye and the mind to focus on an individual thought of what really interests us.



Location: Bagni Misteriosi, via Carlo Botta 8, Milan

Circuit Design: Fablab Torino 

Lamps and lampshades: Creative Cables

Stylist: Anna Neretto

Mua: Alice Fadda

Shoes: Marsèll

Video: Alberto Viavattene

Photos: Livia Giacomini and Luigi Cimmino

Live music performance: Noumeno and Petite Singe

Press Office: Kiko Gaspar Communications